When choosing between cannabis concentrates, many wonder what’s the difference between resin and live rosin. While both use freshly harvested cannabis that’s immediately frozen, their processes differ in one major aspect: Live rosin utilizes heat plates and pressure during the extraction process, while live resin uses solvents. Live rosin is generally considered the superior option, but there is also higher cost associated with its production, which makes live resin a popular choice among cannabis users seeking lower-cost alternatives.

Live Rosin

What is live rosin?

Live rosin is a terpene-heavy cannabis extract created without the use of solvents. The solvent-free aspect gives it a healthy appeal to a large percentage of cannabis users. Its distinct extraction process utilizes low heat and mechanical pressure to create a thick, paste-like texture and deep flavor profile.The purity of the terpenes, aroma and flavors gives what many regard as a high quality experience.

How is live rosin made?

Producing live rosin involves a rosin press that mechanically presses cannabis/hemp with low heat plates to extract oil. The oil is then given a cold curing that creates a product that can be sold on its own, or infused into edibles or other cannabis products.  The potency, distinct aromas and flavors are preserved from the point the plant’s frozen, making live rosin one of the best cannabis products on the market.

Live Resin

What is live resin?

Live resin is a lower-cost alternative cannabis concentrate. Harvested at peak ripeness, it is flash frozen right away to prevent any terpene deprivation. The final product brings out potent levels of THC with aromas and tastes that are distinctive of the plant before harvest.

How is live resin made?

Live resin is extracted from cannabis plants using a light hydrocarbon solvent like propane or butane in a closed-loop system. This system — when executed and maintained properly — makes sure no residual solvent remains in the final product. Since the terpene profile is preserved through this process, live resin produces an incredibly smooth and flavorful vapor when consumed or dabbed, making it a desirable option for cannabis consumers.